Consortium Against Terrorist Finance Sep. 3, 2015, 4:05pm

The Westgate House is an office building in West London that has been shown to be a major hub of European operations for the Muslim Brotherhood. Many Brotherhood and extremist Islamist organizations allegedly operate out of this seemingly innocuous location.

One organization that has its UK offices in Westgate House is the Cordoba foundation. Of all of the extremist organizations that have been shown to have a presence in this building, Cordoba is probably the best known and most publicly identified extremist group. British Prime Minister David Cameron went so far to call them a “political front for the Muslim Brotherhood."  The Cordoba Foundation is run by Anas al Tikriti whose run-ins with British Prime Minister David Cameron and HSBC Bank were described in greater detail earlier. The previously cited media reporting identified not only the Cordoba foundation, but also the Muslim Charities Forum, a network that includes the Union for Good and Muslim Aid, all of which have been cited by Western governments for supporting terrorism or have admitted ties to Hamas themselves.

Further research and investigation reveals that it is not only Brotherhood affiliated charities that are working out of Westgate House. In addition to the charities and shell companies that are presumed to help finance Brotherhood and other extremist organizations, there is also a network of media organizations working out Westgate House with clear extremist ties. Assam Tamimi, one of al Tikriti’s important associates in London, is the founder of an Egyptian television station, Al Hiwar, which lists Westgate House as its registered address. Al Hiwar was banned from broadcast on Nilesat, a major Egyptian satellite television company.

Two other television stations Al Magharibia and Awraas TV share a broadcasting license and have offices in Westgate House. Tamazight Media, Ltd is also located at Westgate House and shares common Directors with the other stations. These broadcasters were founded by Algerian expatriates in London who are associated with the banned extremist organization Islamic Salvation Front (FIS).

Westgate House is home to at least one other group of suspicious media companies, News Anew, Skyfax Media, HispanTV, London Broadcasting Partners, and Real Media World Ltd, all of which are associated with the same Iranian-British man Seyed Mehdi Mirtaleb. While investigations to this point have not revealed concrete evidence of direct involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas, the stations seem to broadcast content that spreads Iran and Hamas’s messaging around the world and promotes propaganda that accuses Western leaders of war crimes.

These are fully registered, legal, for-profit British companies, operating in plain sight in London. A peak behind the curtain, however, reveals that they are part of a network of charities and shell companies that funnel money to the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups. At the very best, these companies are using the West’s relaxed media laws to broadcast hostile and hateful messages around the world. At worst, they are using the proceeds from these broadcasts to help finance violent acts of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond. What is certain is that the British authorities and authorities in other countries where these or similar organizations are active need to take a much harder look to make sure that the organizations they are working so hard to defeat overseas are not thriving right under their noses.

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