CATF Reports May 4, 2016, 2:13pm

Yesterday the United Nations Security Council blacklisted Distya Ameya, an Indian flagged oil tanker which illegally loaded crude petroleum sold by the Tobruk’s government. In 2014 Libya broke into two competing administrations centered around Tripoli – where the Islamist government established in the west of the country was backed by Qatar, Turkey, and Sudan - and Tobruk - in the eastern region, initially supported by the UAE, Russia, and Egypt, and eventually internationally recognized. The Tobruk government’s state oil company has encountered several problems finding shippers and buyers since Libyan law prescribes that the Tripoli-based National Oil Company is the only authorized oil seller in the country, and is still deemed to be independent of the strategic and military fronts fighting in Libya.

The UN has been increasingly active in Libya since the end of the Gaddhafi era, mostly through sanctions. The designation of the Distya Ameya, enforced upon pressure of the Libyan Ambassador to the UN Ibrahim Dabbashi, reasserts the authority of the recently established UN-backed Government of National Accord and definitively destroys Libya’s eastern factions’ expectations for a lucrative revenue stream from oil sale.

From the UN Press Release:


A.k.a.: KASSOS F.k.a.: na Address: na Listed on: 27 Apr. 2016 Other information: IMO: 9077343.  Listed pursuant to paragraphs 10(a) and 10(b) of resolution 2146 (prohibition to load, transport or discharge; prohibition to enter ports).  Pursuant to paragraph 11 of resolution 2146 (2014), this designation is valid from 27 April to 26 July 2016, unless terminated earlier by the Committee pursuant to paragraph 12 of resolution 2146 (2014).  Deadweight: 95,420.  Flag State: India.  The vessel may have been sold recently to an unknown buyer and the vessel's name may have changed to Kassos.  As of 26 April 2016, the vessel was north of Al-Bayda, Libya, heading for Malta.”

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