CATF Reports Jul. 26, 2016, 9:07am

On July 11, 2016 Israel’s Defense Ministry outlawed Al-Hirak Al-Shababi (“The Youth Movement”), a Palestinian umbrella organization made up of politically independent youth as well as youth affiliated with various factions and parties advocating for a new political, economic and cultural discourse to support the Palestinian cause. The Shin Bet intelligence service, who recommended the blacklisting, claimed strong evidence suggesting that Al-Hirak Al-Shababi is directed and funded by Hezbollah – Israel’s greatest enemy – and Iran – its primary financier and the most concerning regional player for Israel – to ignite waves of violence not only against Israeli targets but the Palestinian Authority as well. According to the Shin Bet, the group’s goals included toppling the Abbas regime and collapsing the Palestinian Authority.

Active since 2011, Al-Hirak Al-Shababi has led several public campaigns against the Israeli establishment, to eventually engage in terrorist activities directed to Israeli targets. The Israeli defense Ministry identified two leaders, Manir Shafik Assly Salim, based in Lebanon, and Helmy Ettya Mahmad Balbissy, based in Jordan, who allegedly transferred hundreds of thousands of shekels to fund the group’s activities. With information obtained during the interrogation of the group’s Chevron area leader and numerous wiretaps, the Shin Bet discovered that both men received orders directly from Tehran and used human rights work as a cover to travel all over the MENA region in order to meet emissaries from Iran. It claimed that on several occasions young Hirak-member Palestinian activists traveled to Tunisia, Lebanon, and Jordan to meet with Iranian emissaries to receive money, arms, and operational orders (9) (11) (12).


From RFL/RL:

Exposing the organization, the extent of its activity, and true goals shows once again the efforts of Iran and Hizballah to advance terror activity against Israel," the ministry said.

Members of the organization were said to be behind many incidents of Molotov cocktail throwing and attempted bombings using improvised explosive devices, as well as attempts to sabotage the Jerusalem light rail system and foment riots on the Temple Mount. […]

Besides engaging in firebombing and bombing attacks on Israeli targets in the West Bank and Jerusalem, members of Al-Hirak Al-Shababi have allegedly sought to stir unrest at the volatile Al-Aqsa mosque compound in the city.

The group's goals include "toppling the Abbas regime and collapsing the Palestinian Authority," the Israeli ministry said.”

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