CATF Reports Jul. 27, 2016, 1:05pm

Last week the U.S. Treasury announced the addition of three senior al-Qaeda members to its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists. The men, Faisal Jassim Mohammed Al-Amri Al-Khalidi, Yisra Muhammad Ibrahim Bayumi, and Abu Bakr Muhammad Muhammad Ghumayn, are all based in Iran and have a history of working for or on behalf of al-Qaeda. As part of the designation, the U.S. Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on the three men to seize their assets in the U.S. and ban Americans and US-based companies from doing business with them.

According to the Treasury report, al-Khalidi, a Kuwaiti-born Saudi national, is an al-Qaeda senior official who was an emir of an al-Qaeda brigade and a Military Commission Chief and battalion commander for the terrorist organization. The 31-year-old is described as “part of a new generation of al-Qaeda operatives.” Bayumi, an Egyptian national, was charged with serving as a mediator with Iranian authorities, freeing al-Qaeda members in Iran, and facilitating al-Qaeda funds transfers. Having been located in Iran since 2014, Bayumi has used the country as a base to garner support and collect funds for al-Qaeda. The Treasury claimed that Ghumayn, a 35-year-old Algerian national, has “assumed control of the financing and organization of al-Qaida members located in Iran” and previously served in an intelligence and security capacity for the terrorist organization.

While Iran has denied allegations that the three senior al-Qaida figures are based in the country, the Treasury’s claim points to a new link in a long-term relationship between the two parties. In recent years, Treasury and the State Department have repeatedly asserted that Iran refused to “bring to justice senior al-Qaeda members it continued to detain”, was making “secret deals” with al-Qaida, and was complicit in the terrorist group’s operations. Reports have even emerged of Tehran hosting Osama bin Laden’s jihadist son Hamza along with senior-level members of al-Qaida. Last week’s designations add to the list of Tehran’s suspicious ties that have been maintained even as the Obama Administration takes strides to incorporate the Iranian government into the international scene.


From the Department of Treasury’s Press Release:

Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury took action to disrupt the operations, fundraising, and support networks that help al-Qaida move money and operatives from South Asia and across the Middle East by imposing sanctions on three al-Qaida senior members located in Iran.  Specifically, Treasury designated Faisal Jassim Mohammed Al-Amri Al-Khalidi (Al-Khalidi), Yisra Muhammad Ibrahim Bayumi (Bayumi), and Abu Bakr Muhammad Muhammad Ghumayn (Ghumayn) as Specially Designated Global Terrorists pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224 for acting for or on behalf of al-Qaida.  Al-Qaida is listed in the annex to E.O. 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism. 

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