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1.       Al Nusra and Its Gulf Financiers: The Political Cost of a Long-Running Alliance. (June 24, 2016)

Kuwait and Qatar remain al-Nusra’s top financiers. Will their support influence al-Nusra to disavow al-Qaeda in the near future?


2.       Eid Charity’s Al Baraka Initiative: Admirable or Alarming?. (July 5, 2016)

In a new shift, Eid Charity will soon be receiving funds from Qatari businesses that will help expand the charity’s operations at home and overseas. But, where Eid Charity’s aid will be directed remains unclear.


3.       Qatari Donors Are Buying a Say in Italy’s Islam. (June 9, 2016)

At the end of May, a Qatar Charity delegation traveled across the northwest of Italy to inaugurate several Islamic centers built or renovated thanks to the €25 million devolved to UCOII over the past three years, in line with the provision of Qatar Charity’s “Ghaith” initiative. This most recent investment, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.


4.       How Saudi Relief Helped the Balkans Turn into Breeding Ground for Terrorism. (June 20, 2016)

Saudi Arabia’s aid in the Yugoslav wars’ aftermath proved crucial to establishing a hotbed for extremism and terrorism in the Balkans.


5.       Qatar Charity Faces New Controversies in Italy. (August 19, 2016)

In Italy, Qatar Charity is getting negative press due to the high state of alert against growing terrorist threats and in light of debates on how to prevent further radicalization in the country.


6.       U.S. Targets Money-Laundering Family Business in Crackdown on Terrorist Finance, Transnational Crime. (October 14, 2016)

The Khanani MLO is an alarming case of a family-run money laundering organization in support of terrorists and drug traffickers. The U.S. must continue to work together with its allies and target a vital aspect of terrorist financing: money laundering.


7.       ISIS’ Female Fighters on the Battlefront. (September 14, 2016)

Yesterday ISIS’ news outlet Amaq sanctioned the growing role of women as executors of terrorist operations.


8.       Meet the New ISIS Leader in Libya: Abdulqader al-Najdi. (March 15, 2016)

Last week ISIS’s Arabic propaganda magazine al-Nabaa featured an interview with Abdulqader al-Najdi, the new ISIS’s commander in Libya.


9.       “Iran Will Not Have a Nuclear Weapon”: But At What Cost?.  (April 8, 2016)

The U.S. continues to turn a blind eye to Iran's international crimes in an effort to preserve the nuclear deal.


10.   No Petrodollar Land Grabbing for Qatar in Brussels. (February 4, 2016)

An online petition to stop the construction of a mosque with 600-people capacity attached to the Qatari embassy voices concerns about Qatar’s efforts at land grabbing in the European capital.


11.   Hamas’ Dwindling Funds Signal Organizational Crisis. (July 1, 2016)

Hamas’ financial crisis and reported resignation of current leader, Khaled Meshal, indicate either change or demise is on the horizon for the organization.


12.   AQIM in Libya: An Enduring Latent Threat to the Sahel. (October 3, 2016)

A recent congressional testimony refocused attention on the persistent - albeit recently silent - threat that AQIM poses to Libya and the Sahel from its Libyan strongholds.


13.   Assad-ISIS Partnership to Provide Drinking Water in Raqqa. (April 15, 2016)

In Raqqa, ISIS is allegedly collecting taxes and taking credit for administering water facilities “staffed and paid” for by the Syrian government.


14.   Bank Asya: Erdogan Takes Over. (July 19, 2016)

All banking operations of Bank Asya, a Turkish major lender founded in the late 1990s by Gülen movement affiliates, were officially suspended yesterday by effect of Erdogan’s unrestrained purge of the Gülen movement after the failed July 15 coup.


15.   Libya, Qatar Seeking Influence in U.S. Schools. (August 29, 2016)

Amid global suspicion of traditional channels of exerting influence, Qatar and Libya have recently turned to U.S. schools as a new channel to get their message out.

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